Sabado, Enero 18, 2014

Kingsroad review and few tips

KingsRoad is from Rumbles games. Though there are only three dynamic classes to choose from; archer, night and wizard, the game is amazing. It is user friendly and I think the first game on facebook that more like a real rpg game. Other games on facebook are like automatic fighting game in which you will just wait until the fight is over and depends on luck if you win or lose. I kind of hate those games but I played some before. Overall kings road is an excellent game and a must play RPG game.
Google chrome doesn’t support kingsroad so you’ll have to download Mozilla Firefox. It runs well on Mozilla Firefox.


Be on a party whenever you play the game, the game gives more xp on party and you will be able to play with stronger enemies. Don’t forget to activate the Queen’s Blessing for additional xp.

 If you want tips on what skill you should use, I will create one, just leave a comment below if you are interested. Also indicate what class. Thanks. J

How to Download video on facebook (uploaded on facebook) without any thirdparty proxy using Mozilla Firefox

Here is step by step way on how to download videos without IDM or other second party downloader. All you need is you facebook account and the video you want to download.

Here is how:

First log in to your facebook account

Go to the video you want to download

Open it on a different tab
(press alt if you don't see the toolbar option above)
Go to tools>web developer>toggle tools

A window below will show up

Click console
Play the video
When you will see a .mp4 file, open it on a different tab

Right click on the video

And click save video as...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 
Thank you. ^_^